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Classical Music Concerts to support neurological research:

Classical musicians and music lovers joining together to raise awareness and funds for leading researchers working to solve neurological problems that affect both women and men worldwide.

There are many designers and fine artists in the fashion industry that are continuing to produce fabulous work while also working to overcome neurological conditions.

The celebrated furniture designer Vladimir Kagan who was called “Vladi” by family, was a ball of fire and design productivity until his recent passing at 88.

His wonderful artistic design work has been collected by a Who’s Who of Fashion, Design and Hollywood. Roberto Cavalli, Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, David Lynch, Zaha Hadid.


CMHNR Director Mr. Shapray explains, “Our Vladi’s whirlwind passion for the health of the Arts has been a big influence on the work to assist the fashion, fine arts and design communities with access to better neurological support resources, and to bring the work of the most advanced of clinical researchers to them.”

Vladi family Arts celebration, London,

(Taken with the first-generation digital camera technology)

There is a vast need for progress in this area, and together we can all make a difference.


  • Our filing for charitable status is in process and we appreciate all of our supporters’ encouragement.

The Shapray Family, Directors





Our supporters and friends, as well as future friends and classic music aficionados, have family members that are facing complex scientific challenges surrounding diseases and their treatments; and with many conditions having either near and/or long-term neurological implications – from many types of cancers, to a range of chronic infections, to injuries that impact the quality of neurological function, the array of choices that have to be considered in a given situation, requires experience and insight that is not tied to any offering.

In searching for the most advanced technology and practitioners that may be most helpful, and evaluating the quality of what doctors and clinics promise, versus what light we are able to shed on the fuller picture of the offered technology, products and procedures, we are asked to share our decades of research experience and make a difference where we can educate, highlight and refer.

We invite all questions from families, about how we may be able to share our network and educational scientific insight regarding questions such as:

  • What immunotherapy protocols are being used successfully, and what are the details that are not often talked about upfront when seeking them?
  • What details and concerns, that are not being openly discussed, should be considered when evaluating the various new technologies?
  • What is the realistic picture including concerns and downsides surrounding the various stem cell infusions being offered off-label by more and more clinics?
  • What are the not-often-told experiences of both doctors and patients with the many “advanced” treatments, supplements and protocols, both integrative, mainstream and naturopathic, that are being offered as potentially useful for various conditions?

We have been enormously useful to many grateful families, from countries all across the globe, over the decades of research experience that we have cultivated, and if we are able to educate in your case, we hope that we may be able to help. Of course, we are not able to offer any medical advice. Contact us at [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for educational purposes only.

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